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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Think About Our Meals

Dear Everyone,

Today's Thoughts:

I want us to think about our meals. Where do our meals come from? The question I really want to pose is this:

When you look at your plate and see all that you are about to eat, would you be able to watch the entire process of what got the different things onto your plate? Would you personally be able to take part in the processes that were involved in getting your meal from its original sources to your plate? Now I don't mean literally, as in, are you skilled in those methods, but from a different perspective, would you be able to follow through with the procedures involved in getting your "food" onto your plate?

Would you feel comfortable watching a movie that shows a realistic picture of how the various items you eat were processed for your consumption? Would you feel comfortable with your children watching that movie? Would you feel comfortable watching in person how animals go from where they live to your plate? If you were asked to take the life of the animal you eat, could you? Would you? Could your children? Would you want your child to help you prepare the meal? Would you allow your kid to be involved, to witness and to do, every part of the process of getting that “food” from it’s original beginning point to the point of being a “meal” on  a plate? (Again suspecting the obvious safety risks of kids with knives). Could you personally get your hands into the various multitude of processes that go into taking a live creature and making it into a meal? How much of this would you let your children see and do?

How do you feel about these questions if you consider eating; fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, water.

How do you feel about these questions when you consider eating chickens, cows, pigs, fish, ducks, rabbits, crabs, shrimp, octopus…..

What if you consider eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, BUTTER!

If the only way you could eat meat, dairy or eggs was too have the animals in your own yard, to provide them with the food that they need to live, to clean up their excrement, to care for their needs. To tend to the pregnant and be present for the births. To care for the injured and sick. To live with them daily. If you were required to slaughter the animal that you were going to consume, to prepare it for consumption and all that comes with that, would you do it? Again, not from skilled perspective but from a heart perspective.

Many people do have chickens and have no problem taking their eggs and eating them, despite the fact that what that is is their menstrual cycle. Or killing them and eating them, when they feel it’s time. Of course there ARE animal farmers who do this everyday. They get desensitized to the killing. They are convinced they are right.

But I ask you, the consumer who only shops at the grocery store. The person who never seems to notice or see the REAL animal being eaten without a second’s pause or hesitation.

Could you milk a cow? Do you know the difference between a person milking a cow in their backyard and the dairy industry? Could you kill a cow, chop it up and eat it?

DO you know that the ONLY WAY a cow can get milked, have milk, is to HAVE A BABY, like like a human. They are pregnant for 9 months, just like humans. They nurse up to 3 years, just like humans are intended to. And they love their babies all their lives, just like humans are intended too.

Could you care for this pregnant cow and be present as she births her baby, like the badass she is, without pain medication or the support from loved ones. Then steal her baby from her so you could steal her milk? Even if you were the “kindest possible” of all kinds of farmers you could be, best case scenario, they live happily, freely roaming, never separated, and you, kindest farmer of all time only take milk from 1 of her udders. Once a month only! Is that ok?

Well, in my eyes, if my neighbor came over, once a month, and squeezed a little milk out of only just one of my boobs, I would be, surprisingly, feeling violated. Molested. Mistreated, And I would feel like calling the cops, and if I did, I think the cops might, possibly think that was weird enough to warrant a come looksey?

Cows are so lovable and it is really mean, gross and rude to take their milk. Even just a little squeeze once in awhile for your coffee or what have you.

Plus it’s so bad for you. That is clearly documented. It makes people sick, fat, bloated. Causes a shitload of terrible illnesses and diseases. Dis eases.

Cows are so nice. Pigs are nice. Chickens are nice. You know, I think pretty much, all animals are nice in their own way, except for alligators and crocodiles. I mean Lyle Lyle was very nice. But even the ones that are NOT nice, well, we still shouldn't eat them and tear them apart and make things out of their dead body parts.

Go vegan forever.


Vegan Artist Mom

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