Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Opposite World


We live in Opposite World.

Here if you:

Believe in not harming animals, you are extreme.

Believe in compassion for all beings, you are delusional.

Believe in surviving without killing animals, you are controlling and severe.

Believe in eating in ways that don’t harm the earth, you are self righteous.

Believe that animals have feelings and rights, you believe you are better than everyone else.

Believe that meat and dairy is harmful to health, you are not supported by any study ever.

Believe that factory farming is bad, you are fear mongering.

Believe you can thrive and live a healthy life without eating killed animals or causing them suffering, you are a raging, violent, vehement, overwhelming crazed, strict, aggressive, demanding rigid stern unfriendly, unkind obnoxious asshole.

But eating animals’ flesh and lactations, and causing the death and suffering of millions to billions of animals is totally normal, cool, correct, nice, good, and lovely.

Meat eaters quotes:

“Veganism doesn't benefit animals, it just makes the abstainers feel superior and self-righteous.”

“Vegans don't actually care about animals, they care about feeling superior and self-righteous. Thanks to them, greedy factory farms continue to torture cows and pollute the crap out of rural towns.”

“Vegan is a fad; vegetarianism is fadish, used by a minority of people guided by religion for the most part. Using this form of eating because of stress over animal rights is a bit puerile [childishly silly and trivial] to say the least.”

“There is NO WAY you can maintain health on a strictly vegan diet. You WILL NOT have the needed nutrients. The best diet is a balanced omnivore diet.”

“At any rate, you're killing untold rodents, etc by relying on soybeans as your main protein source. If you think factory farming is unnatural, I tend to think the same applies to a soybean farm in Iowa as well.”

Bottom Line: Vegan proponents often use fear mongering and scare tactics in order to convince people not to eat animal foods. They frequently cite The China Study as evidence, which has been thoroughly debunked.”

But don’t use fear mongering and scare tactics to persuade people to join your cause and scare them away from perfectly healthy animal foods. That ain’t cool.”

“Vegans are extremists who distract the mainstream public from the real issues.”

“Vegetarianism should never be practiced long term. Please... just go buy yourself some meat to eat.”

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